Should I encourage students to participate in oral presentations and if so, how can I support them effectively?

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Oral presentations can lead to an increase in stammering and anxiety in some pupils. As every child’s stammer presents differently, it is a good idea to have a direct discussion with the pupil to find out from them what helps most when they are giving oral presentations in class. If they have one, the student's Speech and Language Therapist or the school Inclusion Manager will be able to offer individualised strategies that can support the student. 

When assigning and assessing oral presentations it can be helpful to consider making the following modifications for pupils who stammer (following consultation with the pupil):

    • Provide extra time to practice and complete the presentation 1:1 or in a smaller group
    • Allow the student to pre-record verbal activities in a familiar, comfortable environment
    • Arrange for the pupil to complete the task with a member of staff from the inclusion team who may be able to help them use their Speech and Language strategies most effectively

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