Collaborative working to support the child

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Children spend large amounts of their time at school, in addition to the time they spend at home, in social contexts and accessing other services and activities. It is important that they are receiving effective, individual support across these different contexts, and that there are open communication channels between those involved in the child's life.

In addition to our knowledge articles and support pages on our website, we have added a couple of tips for ensuring everyone involved with the child knows what is most helpful to them.

  • If you think that a child may have a stammer, it is important to discuss this with their parents/carers.
  • Work together with the child and find out what helps them, for example by asking them “What can I do when your speaking is bumpy?” or "what can I do that would be helpful to you when you stammer?"
  • Attend regular joint meetings with staff, parents and professionals to get a clear picture of how a young person’s stammer is presenting and gather current strategies. 

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