Creating inclusive classroom environments

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Many children who stammer can feel apprehensive about contributing in class or taking part in some of the daily school routines, such as answering the register. We also know that, unfortunately, many children are teased and bullied because they speak differently.

There are several approaches that can be implemented at the classroom- and whole-school level to support pupils who stammer, and we would recommend taking a look at the Support for Professionals Page of our website.

In the meantime, we have put together a few ideas for promoting an inclusive classroom environment for children who stammer. Remember - it is important to check with older children and young people what would help them most in the classroom. 

  • Introduce a 5 minute class time to share general successes and worries to increase self-awareness, confidence and problem solving. 
  • Emphasise what makes a confident communicator, such as the ability to share ideas, make friends, share a joke, ask questions to take an interest in others. 
  • Try alternative ways for pupils to complete everyday speaking tasks, such as raising a hand or using a tick sheet for answering the register.
  • Some pupils might like the chance to talk to their classmates about their stammer and what helps them.

You can also take a look at our knowledge articles for ways that education and health professionals can support children who stammer in school. 


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