Tips when listening to your child

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It is important that children feel that what they have to say is worth hearing - and that there is time for them to produce what they want to say. 

The tips in this section may be helpful but do speak with your child and, if they have one, your child's speech and language therapist for clinical advice tailored for your family. 

  • Do not finish the child’s sentences or guess words they are stuck on. 
  • Keep facing towards the young person with a stammer and show you are listening by smiling, nodding, saying “mhmm” and even saying directly “I’m still listening”.
  • Comment on ‘what’ is said, not ‘how’ it is said.
  • Let the young person finish their own sentences, even if you need to wait.
  • Avoid correcting a child’s stammer.
  • Avoid telling a young person with a stammer to slow down, relax or take a breath as this can be frustrating. 

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