What causes my stammer?

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Young people and families often wonder why some children stammer when they talk, but the answer is a bit tricky. We don't have a definite answer yet, but we think there are many things that can cause someone to stammer. 

Scientists have been studying this, and they think two things might be important:

  1. Your Brain: They've looked at how the brain works, and they found that the brains of people who stammer are a little different. But they're not sure if these differences directly cause stammering in children.

  2. Genes: Stammering seems to run in some families, so it might have something to do with the genes we inherit from our parents. But scientists don't know exactly which genes are involved.

Now, let's talk about things that can make it more likely for a child to stammer:

  • Genes: If someone in your family stammers, you might be more likely to stammer too.
  • Being a Boy: Boys might be more likely to stammer than girls, but it can happen to anyone.
  • Language Skills: If it's hard for you to find the right words or put them together when you talk, it can sometimes make you stammer.

But remember, there's no one thing that makes a child stammer. It's like a puzzle with many pieces, and scientists are still figuring out how they all fit together.


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