How can Action for Stammering Children help me support a child I work with?

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At Action for Stammering Children, we offer information, guidance and resources that are freely available for you to use with the children and young people you work with, as well as for developing your own understanding of stammering and the impact it can have on those you work with. 


Teachers and teaching assistants may find the resources page of our website useful. You can download materials, short films, and find recommendations for helpful books. Do also check out our top tips for supporting pupils who stammer in the classroom. 


Speech and Language Therapists working with children and their families, might like to take a look at our project pages to learn more about courses that can help to build confidence, acceptance and offer opportunities to meet other young people who stammer. Our Stambassador page is a valuable resource for older children and young people - offering insight and inspiration through the stories shared by adults who stammer.  

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